The war on CARBON is a war on natural medicine, since all medicinal molecules are made from CO2

You may have heard that carbon is the “building block of life,” but what about carbon dioxide? While the mainstream media continues to purport the myth that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a dangerous pollutant, the truth is that it’s actually an essential nutrient that gives plants life.

While it is fairly well-recognized that CO2 is an integral part of the process of photosynthesis, few people realize that it is also essential to the formation of valuable plant compounds, and is also a building block for plants in general. Plants get their carbon via carbon dioxide, and CO2 enters the photosynthetic process through a number of different chemical reactions, known as “carbon-fixation reactions.” As explains, “These reactions follow the energy-transduction reactions (or light reactions) that convert solar energy into chemical energy in the form of ATP and NADPH molecules, which provide energy to drive the carbon-fixation reactions.”

Through what is known as the Calvin cycle, plants take in CO2, which is inorganic, and “fix” it into an organic molecule. In this way, CO2 is essential for plants to have the carbon necessary for medicinal plant compounds. Basically, without CO2, plants would not have the carbon they need, both for their own biological functions and for the production of the plant compounds we’ve come to love for their medicinal value.

As Mike Adams writes, “Not only is carbon dioxide necessary for all plant respiration via photosynthesis, it’s also the key ingredient used by plants to synthesize nearly every medicinal molecule that’s loved by herbalists, natural medicine practitioners and even medical cannabis advocates.”

Adams also points out that the left-wing media’s favorite plant, cannabis, also needs CO2 in order to form its famous compounds such as THC and CBD. The cannabidiol (CBD) molecule — which is a medicinal compound derived from the cannabis plant — features 21 carbon molecules. Without CO2, the cannabis plant would not have the carbon needed to form cannabidiol, or any other medicinal compounds for that matter. All cannabinoids contain carbon, and therefore the cannabis plant, like virtually every other plant, requires carbon dioxide to “make the magic happen,” if you will.

Cannabis, of course, is not the only plant that features carbon as a base for its medicinal phytochemicals. The compound curcumin, which comes from turmeric and is renowned for its health benefits, also features 21 carbon molecules. And they too would not be present, if not for carbon dioxide. As the Health Ranger notes, the necessity of carbon dioxide to these plant medicines is no coincidence. He explains, “In fact, nearly every medicinal molecule in all of botany is made out of carbon dioxide. CO2 is the key source of carbon used by plants to synthesize everything from chlorophyll to resveratrol. Every healing nutrient in basil, oregano, cinnamon, cilantro, garlic and pomegranate fruit is made out of carbon dioxide. The entire world of natural medicine owes its very basis to CO2.”

To put it simply, a war against carbon dioxide is a war against natural health, both for humans and the planet as a whole. While the globalist proponents of climate change continue to purport the myth that CO2 degrades health, the fact of the matter is that it is actually essential to all forms of life. Without it, there are no plants and no plant medicines — and without those two things, human health will unravel at lightning speed.


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