Counterthink video: Mike Adams interviews Marc Morano on the greatest “science” hoax of our time: climate change

There are a lot of factors that regulate climate, but according to former Republican aide Marc Morano of Climate Depot, climate change isn’t one of them. He explained that climate change is nothing but an idea peddled and ingrained by the United Nations (U.N.), the mainstream media, and “climate advocates” – like Al Gore – to the minds of unsuspecting people.

In the latest episode of Counterthink, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, sat down with Morano to tackle the ongoing debate on whether global warming is true or just the exaggerated result of a software program used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Not humans, SUVs, or coal plants will determine our future. The solution they are proposing is the great threat to our future,” said Morano as he discussed the U.N.’s claims that carbon emissions are causing the deterioration of the environment. He also added that these superstitions about the weather have been around since 1817 and continue until today, but evidence that producing or exhaling carbon dioxide is harmful to our climate has yet to be proven.

Furthermore, he revealed that the U.N. and the government have covered up erroneous weather reports for years. Take, for instance, their previous stance on the matter: They used to cite publications reporting on global cooling, then suddenly switched to the “dangers” of global warming after two decades, only for it to crumble in their face.

Morano, who is also the author of the best-selling book, “Politically Incorrect Guide to Weather Change,” emphasized how alarming it is that some scientists – including the U.N. Climate Panel Head – treat “global warming” as if it were a religion and even use the biblical word “heretic” to tag those who are skeptical about the issue.

Moreover, he and the Health Ranger express their concern over the number of children who are now blaming themselves for “harming the earth and burdening the resources.” Adams adds that such an idea is ridiculous as some are already advising depopulation in Africa.

Watch the Counterthink episode for a full discussion – and discover how the U.N. is playing us to make us believe that all their predictions have been accurate and how skeptics are vilified for exposing the truth.

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